Discipleship Process



A person connects with the HFBC community through a friendship with one of its members; by participating in a community group; or by attending a special event (e.g., VBS), a community ministry (e.g., Bread of Life), or one of the regular church ministries.


A person surrenders to Christ by hearing and responding to the gospel.  The person is then partnered with a mentor who meets regularly to introduce the person to the basics of the Christian faith and who ensures that the person follows through with baptism, completes a new members course, and becomes part of a small group.


A person is transformed over a lifetime of practicing spiritual disciplines, attending corporate worship, and being part of a small group.


The process of discipleship leads to reproduction: A disciple is a disciple-maker.  A person learns to share Christ by serving in the church, by becoming trained in evangelism strategies, and by learning to defend Christian doctrines (apologetics).