We’re collecting a special offering to fund some important transformations to our church building. Here’s a look at what’s going on:

Phase 1: Completed and Fully Funded. No doubt you’ve noticed the repainted lobby and the new furniture and decorations. And our new Connect Room is becoming the place where regulars can grab a cup of coffee before Sunday school and where guests can get some one-on-one time with Pastor Jim after the service.

Phase 2: Funds Needed ($20,000)

1. Storage Building ($8,000): We had to temporarily relocate our men’s Sunday school class when we turned a room that was used for storage into our Connect Room. Our men have graciously endured their cramped quarters, but they need their classroom back. For $8k, we can add a connected storage area to our Fellowship Hall—and move the storage items out of the men’s classroom.  
2. Youth Area ($5,000): Our Student Ministry area needs several upgrades to replace worn furniture and equipment and to increase the functionality of the space.

3. Interior Painting ($3,000): Our volunteer painters are rested up from their earlier painting projects, and they’re ready to get back to work. Around $3k is needed to buy materials for this hardy band of souls.  
4. Exterior Improvements ($4,000): First impressions are lasting impressions—and we definitely have some work to do on our parking lot, median/curb areas, sidewalks, and landscaping.  

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