Update on Changes



You may have noticed a few changes around HFBC. Here’s what's happening—and why:

Connect Cards:  Every teen and adult who enters the Sunday morning service will receive a bulletin with a Connect Card attached. Early in the service, everyone will be asked to fill out a card and to place it in the offering plate during the offering.  Here’s why we’re doing it:

  1.  Better member care.  Even with Sunday school classes and deacons, people can "slip through the cracks."  Taking a few seconds each week to write your name and check a box can let leaders know if you're OK--or if you're not.    
  2. Better connection with guests. Guests are increasingly reluctant to share information with churches, which means we have no way to follow up with them.  But if guests see everyone around them sharing information, they may feel safer to share--and we'll have a better chance to connect with them. We think that's a good thing.

Connect Room: The room across from the restrooms (next to the toddler nursery) is being renovated to become our Connect Room. There will be new flooring, paint, and furnishings, funded by the generosity of some private donors. Here’s why we’re doing it: This room will be a comfortable area where guests (and members) can meet with members of the pastoral staff before and after the service.  

Nursery Updates: We are creating a central entry point for all babies and toddlers in the nursery at the end of the hall. Here's why're we're doing it: Increased safety and security for our children.

Lobby Updates: Soon, we will begin updating the lobby--putting on a fresh coat of paint and adding new seating. Here’s why we’re doing it: We want to freshen up our look, create a great first impression for guests, and provide more areas for people to connect relationally.

The ultimate reason for these changes is so we can make friends, help them meet Jesus, and make disciples. Please pray that the Lord will use these changes to help us reach more people for Christ.